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Mars Vein

About Mars

For all his life, Mars Vein has had a passion and drive for music. He was born in Puerto Rico, and from the tender age of 4, expressed curiosity about learning to play a number of instruments. Since then, he has mastered the drums, Spanish guitar, sax, clarinet, and his one true love, the piano. As a child, you could often find him creating melodies, rhythms, lyrics, and musical concepts. His travels finally brought him to Miami, where he has spent the last many years living and working in this multicultural community.

As a teen, he was an essential part of the #1 break dance crew in Miami at the time: The FBI Crew. At just 13 years old, he composed and recorded a number of songs with well-known Miami music producer Amos Larkins. His devotion to becoming a celebrated musician, composer, dancer, and actor only grew from there, and he knew then that he was meant to connect with as many people as possible to reach his ultimate dream. 


His first big break came when he joined the musical group Nice & Wild in the early 80s. He contributed to this dynamic International group by composing music, creating choreography, and designing stage concepts for their performances. Nice & Wild had two huge world-wide #1 hits, “Oh Baby” and “Diamond Girl”. While composing “Diamond Girl”, Mars brainstormed to create a verse in Spanish that would connect with his Spanish fanbase and give a nod to his humble roots in Puerto Rico. 

Mars has always tried to let his true self shine through his work. From the streets of Miami, to stages all over the US, he’s never forgotten his authentic B-boy roots. Street dancing was his passion for so many years, and he used the skills he picked up from his close friends to master his craft. Not so long ago, artists such as Usher, Justin Timberlake, and even Michael Jackson would hire B-boys just like Mars to help choreograph their performances.

After initially joining Nice & Wild, Mars made it his mission to perfect his work on the drums and keyboard, touring extensively throughout the US with the group. His music reached over the ocean to Europe, and he received recognition there as a talented Miami artist. He studied choreography and mastered his strongest dancing skills, working under world-renowned choreographers Vince Patterson (Michael Jackson and Madonna), and Kenny Ortega (Dirty Dancing, Salsa, High School Musical, and Michael Jackson’s This is It). He was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute to Elton John’s A Word in Spanish and Chayanne’s Este Ritmo Se Baila Asi. During this time, he was also given the unique opportunity to construct choreography for Menudo.

Mars received critical acclaim for his work as “Earth” in the hit Las Vegas production of STORM in 2001. For nearly three years he performed tirelessly, completing up to 12 performances per week. STORM was a hit, and its unique Latin themes haven’t been matched by a Las Vegas show since. STORM was directed by Jamie King (Britney Spears, Madonna), and Mars felt privileged to be able to work with such talent. Soon after, Mars was asked to work together with Kenny Ortega once again to contribute to Gloria Estefan’s Unwrapped Tour DVD, which was another huge opportunity for him to be recognized for his tremendous talent.

Working in Las Vegas opened up many doors for Mars, and he was able to produce his first Latin solo album Yo Te Amare. While creating this album, Mars successfully fused a number of different musical genres, creating a unique sound that people could connect with. Following the release of his album, on June 1, 2008, Mars was celebrated for his work at the Las Vegas Latin Music Awards, winning the Best Latin Pop Performer award. This was a shining moment for him, and he used this momentum to propel him toward his ultimate musical goals.

In 2014, inspired by the planet Mars which represents drive, inner fire, and determination, Mars released his single “I Give Myself to You” under the stage name Mars Vein. It was picked up by ReverbNation soon after, and became a #1 club and radio hit across the board on ReverbNation Global. Following this smashing success, Mars AKA Mars has committed to release all of his music under his own new record company, RCP Music, named after and dedicated to his young son, Remington Chase Palacios. Mars Vein’s second single, “The Winds of Change”, was released in late 2015, and he received worldwide recognition with ReverbNation once again. 

From humble roots and beginnings in Puerto Rico, to break dancing on the streets of Miami, and now managing his own career and creating music you can truly connect with, Mars Vein has come a long way in his career, and hopes to climb even further towards his musical goals. With many more songs to release in the coming months, and the planet Mars driving him, he’s sure to find his niche in a world of talented musicians, composers, and choreographers.

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